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We Sell Brand New Appliances With Full Warranties

October 28, 2015 | HomeClearance Automation | Posted in Appliances Blog

One of the questions we get asked most often is: “Are you products brand new?”

The short answer is “yes” – the majority of everything that Electro Seconds sells is brand new, direct from the manufacturer.

While we used to sell mainly factory seconds, now we sell only clearance items.

‘Factory Seconds’ vs ‘Clearance Item’ – What’s the Difference?

This chart outlines the key differences:

BazCol table

Sometimes we sell brand new appliances that are simply missing their carton box, or ex display items (that are fully functional and undamaged).

Very occasionally we will receive a shipment of factory refurbished laptops – however we will always make it clear on our website that the item is ex lease.

Full Manufacturer’s Warranties

The most important difference between brand new and factory second appliances is that brand new items come with full warranties from the manufacturer.

This is a great benefit, of course, because it gives you more peace of mind when you make a purchase.

Electro Seconds also offers extended warranty plans – please call us on 1300 002 500 for more info.

Why Are Our Products So Cheap?

Here at Electro Seconds, we’re committed to making quality appliances affordable for all.

Since we joined forces with Appliances Online, we have had access to a much larger range of all the best brands, and we’ve been able to buy in bulk and pass these savings onto our customers.

We’re committed to value – not only are our prices the cheapest, but our service goes above and beyond. We don’t just want you to save money, we want you to be satisfied and happy with your purchase.

But you don’t just have to take our word for it! Read our customer reviews on

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