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Rangehoods are designed to remove smoke, water vapour, grease and cooking odours from your kitchen. They should be installed above the stove.

The air can either be ducted outside (using a metal duct that goes through the ceiling or through the wall) or filtered (using special carbon filters) and then circulated back into your kitchen. The most effective method is external ducting, however this may not always be an option.

Please be careful to check the ducting style before you buy – as not all rangehoods can be set up to recirculate.

Types of Rangehoods

Fixed Rangehood


  • This is the cheapest style you can buy
  • Rangehood will be visible at all times
  • Available in stainless steel and white

Slide-out Rangehood

Also known as a Retractable Rangehood.


  • Can be hidden from view when not in use
  • Good for minimalist kitchens
  • Also good for small kitchens as it saves space
  • Not as powerful as a canopy rangehood

Canopy Rangehood

Also known as an Island Rangehood.


  • Modeled on rangehoods found in professional kitchens
  • Requires quite a lot of space
  • Can create an attractive focal point for your kitchen
  • Very powerful

Integrated Rangehood 

Also known as Undermount Rangehoods and Under Cupboard Rangehoods.


  • Completely hidden from view
  • Good for minimalist kitchens
  • Also good for small kitchens
  • Saves space
  • Not as powerful as a canopy rangehood

Cylinder Rangehood


  • Very modern and stylish
  • Can create an attractive focal point for your kitchen
  • Powerful

Features to Look Out For

There are different rangehood styles to suit different types of cooks. Here are some of the most popular features, explained:


Before you buy, measure the width of your cooktop. For aesthetic purposes, the rangehood should match this width.

Distance from Cooktop to Rangehood

Measure how much space you have to work with before you make a purchase. You don’t want to be hitting your head on the rangehood.

External Ducting

Externally ducted rangehoods are the most effective – but you will need a professional tradesman to perform the installation. Home Clearance has a range of ducting kits to choose from.

Recirculating Rangehoods

In some circumstances, you won’t be able to duct your rangehood externally. However not all rangehoods can be converted to recirculate – make sure you check before you buy.

Recirculating rangehoods must be fitted with carbon filters to remove impurities from the air. These will need to be replaced periodically. To purchase replacement filters for your rangehood, please contact us.

Extraction Rate

You can compare rangehoods based on their extraction rate – i.e. their ability to draw in air. This is measured in cubic metres per hour.

If you have an open plan kitchen, you’ll need a rangehood with a high extraction rate. Similarly, if you often cook fried or smoky food, you should invest in a rangehood of around 700m3/h.

Aluminum Filters

Most externally ducted rangehoods have aluminium filters to catch grease. To keep your rangehood operating efficiently, you’ll need to clean these filters regularly. Look for dishwasher-safe filters for easy cleaning.

Noise Levels

Rangehoods can be noisy to operate. If you would like a quiet rangehood, look for one with a sound-proofed motor. (Generally speaking, the more expensive the rangehood, the quieter it will be).

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