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Universe Bed Co. NSDPSMIB001 Stardream Double Mattress

4.6 from 80 reviews
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This product is only available for customers in certain areas within NSW, ACT.

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This product is only available for customers in certain areas within NSW, ACT. Please enter your postcode, so that you'll only see products available for delivery to your area.

  • Model No NSDPSMIB001
  • Brand Universe Bed Co.
  • Standard Warranty 1 Year

Great sleep starts with a great mattress


Sleep is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But not all sleep is the same, and so much what makes for great sleep begins with the quality of your mattress. Too firm and you’ll wake up sore, too soft and you’ll sink into the mattress uncomfortably. The right mattress is a balance between resistance and comfort. Meet The Stardream by The Universe Bed Co. Designed with comfort in mind, The Stardream uses five pocket spring zones and premium comfort foams to cradle you to sleep.


At the end of the day, we just want you to feel good.


Some decisions are best slept on, this is one of them. That’s why you have a 120 night trial to make sure that you love this mattress. Sleep on it, spill food on it, jump on it, use it and abuse it. If by some cosmic event you’re not totally sold on it, we’ll refund you in full and recycle the mattress responsibly. No risk, no guilt, no problem.

Zones and Foams

A great mattress needs more than just foam - it’s a balance of resistance and cushioning. That’s why this mattress has thicker springs where the majority of your weight is distributed - meaning you won’t sag uncomfortably. Individual pocket springs support your body, while breathable foam cushioning cradles you comfortably. It’s the Yin & Yang of a great bed.

Align that Spine

We designed this mattress to be the perfect medium firmness so that you’re comfy regardless of how you sleep. The medium-firmness of this bed will release built-up pressure in your back and neck, while also providing the right amount of cushioning for comfort.The euro-top cover is deep-stitched so there’s no foam movement underneath, keeping you comfortable and centered.

Euro Top Cover

Great sleep starts with a great mattress; that’s why the Stardream features a deep-stitched eurotop cover that ensures the support foams underneath don’t shift or lose shape. This keeps the top flush and even, so that your sheets glide on comfortably.


  • Medium firmness
  • 5 pocket spring zones
  • Premium foams
  • Relieve back and neck pressure
  • Deep-stitched euro top cover
  • Australian Designed and Owned
Colour White
Width (mm) 1380 mm
Depth (mm) 240 mm
Weight (kg) 29.5 Kg
Notes Please note this product arrives vacuum packed in a box for easy installation.
Length (mm) 1880 mm

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