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NordicTrack NTSMATA119 12-inch King Single Mattress

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This product is only available for customers in certain areas within NSW, ACT.

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This product is only available for customers in certain areas within NSW, ACT. Please enter your postcode, so that you'll only see products available for delivery to your area.

  • Model No NTSMATA119
  • Brand NordicTrack
  • Standard Warranty 10 Years

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Smarter Sleep, Healthier Life

Like physical fitness, sleep is an essential part of wellness. That’s why the NordicTrack Sleep mattress provides a feather-soft surface specifically engineered for maximum comfort and durability and integrates cutting-edge technology to actually improve your sleep patterns for a smarter, healthier lifestyle.


Three Easy Steps To Better Sleep



The mattress ships straight to your door in easy-to-remove packaging.



Unwrap your mattress and roll it out.



Watch the mattress immediately expand into its full form. Then, air it out for 24 hours.


Unboxing video of NordicTrack mattress



100-Night Trial

We stand by our products and we want you to enjoy them as well. Your body may take a few weeks to adjust from a traditional mattress. If you aren’t satisfied, send your mattress back within 100 days (shipping included) with no questions asked.

A Perfect Recovery

Each night, your body needs to recover from workouts, stress, and daily activity. So we specially engineered a smart mattress, designed to record your nightly cycles and give suggestions for better sleep. So each morning, you will wake up ready to take on the day ahead.

The Layers

Smarter Sleep, Sweeter Dreams

The NordicTrack Sleep Coach Sensor powered by iFit works hand-in-hand with the NordicTrack Sleep mattress to help you fully recover every night after a hard day’s work. It tracks the quality of your rest by monitoring your nightly heart rate, body movements, breathing patterns, and more.

Heart Rate

Tracks your beats per minute (BPM) to depict sleep cycles.

Respiratory Rate

Assesses your breathing each night to make you aware of any sleep issues.


Sleep Patterns

Tracks your sleep time, awakenings, and bed exits to give you an overall sleep score.

All About Your Heart

Smarter Sleep, Sweeter Dreams


FreshWake™ sounds your alarm at the lightest part of your sleep cycle during your set time frame. So you’ll never be late and you’ll always wake up feeling rejuvenated.


Your alarm will continue to sound until you get out of bed. If you get back into bed within ten minutes, your alarm will begin to sound again.

Get the App

When you connect to the iFit Sleep app, you’ll have access to all of your specific bedtime analytics. Plus, you can set an ideal sleep length and get a reminder about when to hit the hay each evening. Available on the Apple App Store® and the Google Play™ store.

iFit® Sleep Sensor

iFit Sleep HR,s revolutionary technology tracks more than just how long you sleep. It digs deeper to track the quality or your rest by monitoring your heart and respiratory rate, along with your nightly patterns.

A Match Made In Heaven

Your mattress and sensor work hand-in-hand to bring you the ideal sleep you’ve only dreamed about.

No Battery Required

Simply plug your sensor directly into a convenient outlet near your bed. No need to check battery life or change out batteries every few months.

No ‘Mites, No Bites

Leave your allergies and germ worries behind, as our memory foam is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites.

Freedom To Move

Even if your partner or pet loves to toss and turn at night, the NordicTrack Sleep mattress eliminates motion transfer, leaving you sleeping peacefully, without interruption, until sunrise.

All The Stats

The Sleep Coach Sensor will sense and report on your entire body’s rhythm, monitoring your light, deep, and REM cycles, along with your total wake and sleep time. It also monitors your heart rate and breathing patterns in order to precisely determine your body’s sleep stages. The app will display all this information, along with your overall sleep score and sleep efficiency.

Smell The Roses

Several self-expanding mattresses have a distinctly unpleasant smell. The NordicTrack Sleep mattress is made of ventilated memory foam with an open-cell construction that allows for high airflow, so you only have to air it out for 24 hours before you use it.

Turn It Around

Ventilated memory foam is long-lasting and retains its shape, night after night. Be sure to rotate your mattress every two to three months.


The mattress has a 10-year limited warranty and the sensor has a 1-year limited warranty.

Width (mm) 1070mm
Depth (mm) 2030mm
Mattress Size King Single

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