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Here at Home Clearance, we want you to be happy! This guide has been prepared by our product experts to make sure you get a fridge you will love.

Getting the Right Size

Before you read any further, go and measure your fridge cavity. You should also measure the doors and hallways that lead up to your kitchen. If you can’t fit the fridge through the door, it won’t be any good to you!

The next thing you’ll need to consider is capacity. Here is our quick guide:

  • Small household (1-2 people): 200-380 litres
  • Medium household (3-4 people): 350-530 litres
  • Large household (5+ people): 440+ litres

Which Style?

Let’s have a look at the different styles of fridges available:

Top & Bottom Mount Fridges


The traditional style of fridge is a freezer section at the top, and a door that opens either from left or right hinges. Meanwhile, a bottom-mount fridge reverses this – putting the freezer section on the bottom.

Top mount fridges are the cheapest option – plus they’re generally the easiest fit.

Bottom-mount fridges are a little bit more expensive, but many people find having the refrigerator section at eye level is convenient.


Before you buy, think about which way you would like the door to open. While many models allow you to reverse the hinges (with a special kit), it’s ultimately easier if you simply buy a fridge with the correct configuration.

Please note: if you need a lot of freezer space, you should either look into getting either a side by side or 3 & 4 door fridge. Or you could invest in a chest freezer.

Side by Side Fridges


These fridges feature a freezer on one side and a refrigerator on the other. They’re a great option if you have a large household and need a lot of fridge storage space.

The main disadvantage with this style of fridge is that both the freezer and the fridge sections are fairly narrow in width. So if you wanted to store a frozen pizza or a wide platter, you’d be out of luck.

3 & 4 Door Fridges


Offering a huge capacity, these fridges are great for families or for people who entertain a lot.

The freezer section is located at the bottom (some models feature a pull-out drawer; others feature two doors) which makes your fridge section easy to access. Meanwhile, the extra width in the fridge is convenient for storing large platters and cakes.

The other good thing about this style of fridge is that they don’t let as much cold air escape when you open a door (when compared with top or bottom mount fridges). This means your food will stay cold – keeping it fresher for longer.

Upright Fridges


Upright fridges are just like top mount fridges – except without the freezer section. They provide extra fridge space when it’s needed.

Upright Freezers


An upright freezer can be paired with an upright fridge to create what’s known as a ‘pigeon pair’. Not only will a pigeon pair provide a vast amount of storage space, it will make your kitchen look stylish.

Bar Fridges


Bar fridges are the perfect size for studio apartments and college dormitories. Most come with a small freezer section and a vegetable crisper.

White vs Stainless Steel

White fridges are the cheapest – so if you’re on a budget, this is the style for you. Another advantage of white fridges is that they don’t show up fingerprint marks.

Stainless steel fridges have a modern look, and are better suited to recently renovated kitchens. Just be aware that they can show up grubby marks – we recommend that you look for a stainless steel fridge with a fingerprint resistant finish.

Energy Rating

The more stars, the more energy efficient. With fridges, an energy rating of around 2 stars is generally considered to be decent.

You should always aim to get a fridge that matches your needs – excess unused capacity will eat up your power bills.

Eco-friendly Refrigerant

If you want to make an eco-friendly choice, look for a fridge with the non-synthetic refrigerant R600a. This has a lower global warming potential than the hydrofluorocarbon R134a.


Make sure you allow at least 2cm on either side of your fridge and 3cm at the top and back for ventilation. This will prevent your fridge from overheating.

Temperature Controls

Advanced models will offer electronic temperature controls – making it easy to set a precise temperature for your fridge and freezer. Selected models might also allow you to set the humidity level as well.


Look for a fridge with LED lighting – it’s brighter, and more eco-friendly. Plus, LED lights do not omit as much heat as traditional light globes.

Adjustable Shelving

This feature is invaluable if you like to host parties – making it simple to move shelves around to fit in cases of beer/etc.

Anti-bacterial Agents

Selected model Samsung fridges can actively prevent the growth of mould and bacteria with a Silver Nano™ coating on the inside walls.

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