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Gas Cooktops


Gas cooktops are great because they provide instant heat. If you’re buying a natural gas cooktop, you’ll need to make sure that your property has a gas connection. Alternatively, we also sell LPG gas cooktops. (In some cases, a natural gas cooktop can be converted – by a licensed tradesman – using a conversion kit).


  • Heat is instant
  • Gas is a eco-friendly alternative to electricity
  • Compatible with all types of metal cookware
  • Great for wok cooking
  • Manual controls are easy to use


  • Gas connections not available in all areas
  • The open flame will produce a lot of heat – which can make your kitchen hot
  • Open flame a potential safety risk
  • Can be tricky to clean
  • Gas hobs don’t generally suit minimalist design schemes

Other Considerations


You will need to measure your bench top before you buy. The smallest widths start at 30cm (featuring two gas hobs), and go up to 90cm (featuring up to six gas hobs).

Wok burner

If you love Asian food, you can’t go past a gas cooktop with a wok burner. This burner is specially designed to cradle the base of the wok, and provide high powered heating suitable for stir-frying.

Fish burner

This is an oblong-shaped burner that is suitable for heating rectangular-shaped pans (i.e. the length of a whole fish). These burners are perfect for making gravy, as you can simply place the roasting pan on the cooktop and stir in some flour and water.

Cast iron trivets

Cast iron trivets (i.e. the metal frames that hold up your pots) are available on selected models. They are great because they’re durable, sturdy and stylish.

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