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Outdoor BBQs

Home Clearance stocks a range of quality freestanding BBQs. Here is our guide for buying the best.




The bigger the BBQ, the more burners it will have. The guide should give you a rough idea of how many burners you’ll need:

  • Small-medium household (1-3 people): 2-3 burners
  • Larger household (4 or more): 4 or more

Make sure you measure the available space before you buy.


Home Clearance only stocks the best quality barbeques from your favourite brands. Features such as high grade stainless steel and rust-free finishes will ensure that your barbeque will stand up to the tests of time.

The BBQ Cooking Surface

Most barbeques split the cooking surface up between a grill and a hotplate. The grill is great for cooking sausages and steaks – as the fat will drip away from the food and become infused with a BBQ flavour.

Meanwhile, the hotplate can be used to cook food that would otherwise fall through the grill – such as onions and tomatoes.

Gas Ignition

Look for a BBQ with Piezo ignition – it makes your BBQ easy and safe to start.

Roasting Hood

With a roasting hood, you can use your barbeque in the same way as you’d use an oven. Hoods make it possible to cook a Sunday roast – among other delicious things.

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