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Protection Pays Off!

If you’ve ever had an appliance breakdown shortly outside your warranty period, you’ll understand how annoying that can be.

Provide yourself with certainty and protection, for the products you rely on most! Home Clearance offers its customers the option of purchasing a Back Up Plan, at the time of eligible product purchase, so you’ll have a plan that protects it from the unexpected, beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

In the event that things go wrong, the Back Up Plan provides you with certainty around the duration of cover, with the repair and/or replacement process managed by the one Administrator for added convenience.


Rest assured, knowing the repair or replacement process will be managed for you by experienced technical staff from beginning to end.

Get your product serviced (including parts and labour), at your location, by qualified technicians. For the repair of selected heavier products, these will be transported to an approved repairer free of charge!

Should you decide to upgrade, and choose to sell your existing product, your Back Up Plan can be transferred to a new owner at the time of sale.*

If your product is not working, and is the subject of a valid claim, disruption will be kept to a minimum. Whilst your product undergoes repairs, a loan product will be supplied during the repair period.*

When you’re looking for assistance and advice with technical problems, a dedicated toll free line is available during normal business hours for customer support – 1800 008 104.


Types of Back Up Plans

Replacement Cover Plans covers certain products costing $1000 or less, provide a one-off replacement of your purchase, with cover commencing 12 months after the date of purchase, or upon expiry of the original manufacturer’s warranty (whichever occurs later).

Repair Cover Plans are available on most products, provide a repair of your purchase, and cover commences upon expiry of the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Proof of Purchase

In order to make a valid claim, your original purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice will be required to verify both your product of purchase, as well as that of your Back Up plan. To avoid unexpected disappointments, a Back Up Plan must be purchased for each separate item on your purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice.

Period of Cover

The Back Up Plan cover will take effect, as soon as the original manufacturer’s warranty expires. Full details around the period of cover based on product type, and Back Up Plan period, can be found in the Back Up Plan.

Making a Claim

To make a valid claim, simply call 1800 062 782, Monday to Friday (8am to 6pm AEST), for assistance and approval of your claim. You will need to have your purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice handy. An attentive voice will be there to guide you through the next steps.

*For full details, please refer to Back Up Plan, and read prior to purchase of your Back Up Plan.